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Database Development
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A whole new dimension to speed, and control!
Submitted By flyclub on 09/10/19
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After finishing up the first stage in meshes, my next goal will be to update the editor API to use a database, instead of a text file.
Why use a database?
Well, first of all, tuns of values can be saved, along with your world value - including edit pass code! Not only that, but Unity doesn't have to handle searching the password, and what not. The API can execute a few lines of code, and know instantly!
Not only that, but have you ever noticed the lag in the world display system? That's because Unity is trying to handle all 828 (and counting) files that have been submitted - at the same time!
However, with a data base, Unity would only have...... 10!
Likewise, it is an utterly more advanced system, than your average text file system.
The only disadvantage, I can see, is, that all your worlds will be lost when the transition takes place. Not to worry, I'll see if I can program a java script to transfer the files - though one by one - over to the data base.
I hope you like the new systems coming!

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